Sr.No Topic Name Summery Download
1 हामी र हाम्रो महालक्ष्मी हामी र हाम्रो महालक्ष्मी
2 Ausotohs First Term
3 Humanity and Education Humanity and Education
4 Online Code of Conduct Code of Conduct for Students
5 Subject: Science Class:3(a,b,c,d) Different animnals eat different kinds of food. Animal have different ways of eating. It is called eating habits of animals. Their eating habit depends on the structures of their mouth and jaws. Animals have special mouth parts suited for the food they eat.
6 Online Young Musician Competition “Online Young Musician Competition”, is an online music competition for rising musicians of Nepal Don Bosco School and College students and the Staff
7 Class 3 Computer Notes Class 3 Computer Notes
8 Class 10 Nepali Nepali
9 Class 3 Science Living and Non-living things