+2 Section Admission


Admission Process

Admission to +2 at Nepal Don Bosco Secondary School is highly competitive. As a rule, the students apply and they need to go through a fair and transparent but rigorous and revealing selection process.

Application Forms

Application forms for admission and exam entry are available at the Trinity office and also online at https://nepaldonbosco.com/admission/admission_form_senior_class.php

Applicants should submit these forms duly filled in with all supporting documents by the given deadline. 

Entrance Test

Getting through this Test is mandatory for admission. The Entrance Test appropriately assesses the examinee in areas related to the choice of course – Science, Management, or Humanities. 


The results of the Entrance Test are strictly based on the order of merit and normally declared the very next day of the Test. The names of the selected student Applicants are pasted on the School Notice Board


Student Applicants who have cleared the Entrance Test are interviewed thereafter. The date and time of the interview is mentioned in the Entrance Test Results sheet. It should be kept in mind by the Applicants that they ought to be accompanied by their parents or guardians when they come for their interviews. Moreover, Applicants must bring all the required documents.  Selected Applicants are handed Offer Letters for admission with or without offers of Scholarships. 


Applicants must have the following minimum levels in SEE or equivalent exams:

Stream           Grade Point Average (GPA)          Minimum Subject Grades
Science                        2.8                                 C+ in English, Math & Science and 
                                                                           D+ in the other subjects
                                     2.4                                 D+ in each subject
Humanities                   2.4                                 D+ in each subject


Nepal Don Bosco Secondary School


The most relevant educational qualification for Nepalese students, the +2 builds the right academic foundation for pursuing higher studies in medicine, engineering, management, Law & humanities both in Nepal and Abroad.

Inclusive Curriculum

Offering a wide & deep study of different subjects, the +2 at Nepal Don Bosco Secondary School, provides excellent preparation for higher education. This course opens up a world of educational & career opportunities.

Course Relevance

Nepal Don Bosco Secondary meet to the most relevant educational qualification in Nepal, this two-year course motivates students to work hard and to focus upon set goals. The teachers do their utmost to help students realize and attain their academic & other goals. Importantly, the qualification is also widely recognized by international institutions.

Exceptional Results

Students of Nepal Don Bosco Secondary School outshine in their studies and have unwaveringly been getting good results in the + 2. NDBS produces many toppers and consistently obtains good +2 results. Such admirable performance is a source of inspiration to all.

Noteworthy Placements

Students Completing +2 from Nepal Don Bosco Secondary School do well by being awarded scholarships and getting placements in reputed colleges or universities in the country and outside our Country. This ongoing and unstoppable achievement of our alumni testifies to their worth and the long-lasting value of their educational system of NDBS.

Admirable Behaviour

Nepal Don Bosco Secondary School’s Code of Conduct inculcates a high level of self-discipline in students while our constructive discipline prevents and remedies aberrant behavior. The conduct and discipline of Nepal Don Bosco Secondary founded on Preventive system of our Founder St. John Bosco popularly known as Don Bosco usually ingratiate them to society.  Developing and inculcating in them the keen sense of task completion & time management ensure both academic & personal success.

Parental Involvement

NDBS encourage parental direction as it is necessary at every stage of educational development to nurture student success. NDBS strongly believe that Families themselves are the real educators. So, close co-operation between the NDBS Faculties and parents through meetings and consultations we aim at bringing educational achievement and behavioral consistency.


Our expert faculty closely overviews academic development on an individual basis, meets students regularly, communicates both group and personalized instruction, checks daily, special homework, assignments and attendance meticulously.