Through our Don Bosco system of education, we aim to form in our boys and girls, the habits of piety, virtue, discipline and self-reliance. The school aims to foster in the students the sense of responsibility so that they become dutiful and useful citizen of their motherland, Nepal.

Studies are designed to select and prepare students for the S.E.E. and N.E.B. examinations of Nepal Board of Education. Subjects taught include all branches of Nepali and English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies of Nepal, General Knowledge, Moral Education, Arts and Crafts, Games and Sports and Other Cultural & Co-curricular Activities. Counselling Opportunities and Computer Education for students are imparted as part of the curriculum.


The school year 2019/2020 begins from the month of April 21st 2019 (Baisakh 8, 2076) and continues till April 2020 (Chaitra 2077). We will have Six-days of classes a week: Sunday to Friday. Saturdays are holidays. Alternative Sundays will be Holidays as mentioned in the Monthly Calendar. Class timing is from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. While school working hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Major holidays are given thrice a year, Dashain – Tihar, winter and a Annual Holiday. Parents should see to it that their child comes to school on time everyday and on the specified day after the holidays. Those coming late without sufficient cause and prior information may be fined or dropped from the school roll. At the beginning of the scholastic year, children who do not present themselves within the first three days without information will be ticked off from the list. Please make sure that you have at home a school calendar that is prepared for every month which has been incorporated in the school diary as well.

Promotion to the next class at the end of the academic year will be based on the performance of the student in all the term examinations conducted during the year; hence, it does not depend only on the final term examinations. For those who fail, the school authority will decide whether they should be given a chance to repeat in the same class or leave the school.


Text books are not provided from the school. The text book lists are available at the school office at the time of admission.


Students are not allowed to bring to school any electronic gadgets or other expensive jewels/articles/gadgets. The school authority will not be responsible for their loss, instead if found just penal action will be taken.

Students must come to school neatly dressed in school uniform. They must reach the school at least 15 minutes before the school begins. When leaves are taken, the reason must be entered in the school diary, and parent’s or guardian’s signature is compulsory. For every term examination, 85% of attendance is required to appear for examinations.


We facilitate our students with a well equipped library and laboratories in the school. A library and laboratory fee is charged annually for upgrading laboratory with facilities and library with books.


Telephone calls to the school for information or to the principal should be made only between 9:30 am – 3:30 pm. You should not make any phone call to the children, as they will not be called to the telephone. Message may be left with the receptionist who will communicate it to the ward at the earliest.

No mobile/cell phones are allowed by the students in the school.


In case a student falls ill in the school or meet with accident, the school authority will contact the parents/guardians at the earliest. In case of emergency, the student may be taken to the nearest health care centre/hospital for treatment. All medical expenses are to be met by the parents/guardians.


  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Taekwondo
  • Cricket
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Badminton & Table Tennis

        *As per the requirements and suggestions other activities can be conducted.


Bus Fees cover twelve months and are to be paid either monthly or two months at a time by 15th of the second month. No one way service/ payment: For the cancellation of bus service, information should be given before 15th of previous month. No cancellation of bus service after 15th of Poush.

Route No 

Bus Route Route No. 1 Gongabu-Samakhusi–Ringroad-Chabahil- Hotel Hyatt – Chabahill – Gausala - Sinamangal-Koteshwor-Gwarko-School

Route No. 2 New Road-Jamal-Ghantaghar-Bhrikuti Mandap-Putalisadak-Anamnagar-Baneswor-Tinkune-Koteswor-Balkumari-Gwarko-Imadol-Siddhipur-School 

Route No. 3 Himalaya Hotel-Pulchowk-Gabahal-Mangalbazar-Tyagal-Sundhara-Gwarko-Imadol-Krishnamandir-Siddhipur-School 

Route No. 4 Mahalaxmisthan-Kusunti-Ekantakuna-Bhaisepati-Nakhkhhu-Balkhu-Bagdol-Bhanimandal-Dhobighat-Damkal-Jawalakhel-Kumaripati-Patan Hospital-Prayag Pokhari-Tyagal- Gwarko-Imadol-School

Route No. 5 Thecho-Sunakothi-Dholahiti-Khumaltar-Nakhipot-Satdobato-Gwarko- Imadol-School 

Route No. 6 Thaiba- Siddhipur-School 

Route No. 7 (Araniko Highway) Manahara-Jadibuti-Kausaltar-Gatthaghar-Lokanthali-Balkot-Changathali-Tikathali-School 

Route No. 8 Dhungin – Lamatar – Lubhoo – School 

Route No. 9   Pepsicola-Sanothimi-Suryabinayak-Thimi-Balkot-School 

Route No. 10 (Micro) Shankhadevi-Bisundol-School  

Route No.11 Patan Sundhara-Gwarko-Imadol Krishnamandir-Imadol inside (Pawan Prakriti school)-Tikathali-School 

Route No. 12   Imadol inside (Hope valley school-Gambhir Setu School-Boje Pokhari-Sankhabir Chowk-Krishnamandir-School

Route No. 13  Dhapakhel – Satdobato Gwarko - Imadol VDC – Kharibot-Kamalpokhari-Siddhipur-School*

Route No. 14 Kaushaltar- Balkot-Tikathali-Changathali-School 

Route No. 15 Wochu- Imadol VDC- Siddhipur-School 

Route No. 16  Gwarko- Imadol Siddhipur-School 

Route No. 17  Krishna Mandir, VDC-Petrol Pump-Kamal Pokhari-Tempo Park School  

Route No. 18 Ekantakuna-Talchikhel-Mahalaxmisthan-Satdobato-Hattiban-Kharibot-Harisiddhi-Panitanki-Sanagau-School  

Route No. 19 Sunakothi Chautara-Dholahiti-Nakhipot-Satdobato-Gwarko-School

* Bus routes will be confirmed only if required students are there for the concerned route        

NB: The school will not be responsible to provide bus service to the students whose pick up and drop off points are not in this given Bus Route.